Av John Fiske
A theatrical entertainment based on short stories by P.G. Wodehouse

The action takes place in and around Wood Hills Golf Club, somewhere in a sleepy England in the 1930's. The club's Oldest Member presents the audience with a gallery of unforgettable characters; foolish, love-struck young men and women, an appallingly pretentious poet, the overpowering chairwoman of Wood Hills Literary Club Mrs.Smethurst, a man who owes his golfing success entirely to his garish plus-fours, and not least the extraordinary visiting Russian writer Vladimir Brusilov.

The action is punctuated with golfing tips and a selection of popular songs of the day, including - inevitably - Tee for Two and It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing. Despite its subject matter, Fore! has a far wider appeal than merely to the golf enthusiast. Golf what-a-terrible-waste-of-time sceptics will also thoroughly enjoy it but should be aware that they run a serious risk of being infected with the desire to take up the noble game of golf as a result of seeing the show.


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Film about the production FORE!

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Paul Kessel and John Fiske first met in 1974 on a football pitch in Liverpool (7.84 Touring Company v the Everyman Theatre 1-3) and took an immediate dislike to each other...

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Kesselofski & Fiske look after a very select number of international groups in Scandinavia.
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"Scoring A Bullseye!", "As usual the set is a masterpiece if just a bit on the minimal side, although with their massive acting talents, scenery would just be a distraction." "Funny? I almost split my crotch!"

"Very, very funny"
The Guardian, England

"Humour as a weapon against tragedy. Dreadfully funny"
Politiken, Copenhagen, Denmark

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