To attempt to perform the sinking of the Titanic as a two-hander on stage is almost as doomed to disaster as the ship itself. But the English have always been proud of their failures -the Charge of The Light Brigade and Dunkirk to name but two. Kesselofski & Fiske’s "The Sinking of The Titanic" provides all the thrills of a trip on the Titanic but is considerably safer. It will satisfy your morbid curiosity for drowning without even getting your feet wet and it will allow you to experience a 46,000 ton catastrophe which will put you off taking ice in your whisky for ever.
Since it´s premier in 1992 Kesselofski & Fiske have performed "The Sinking of the Titanic" over 200 times in Sweden, continually followed by enthusiastic audiences and equally enthusiastic reviews. Having run out of theatres in Sweden they then tried their luck with equal success in Denmark, Wales, Ireland, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Zimbabwe, Brazil and England.

"Very, very funny" The Guardian, England

"An English Abbott and Costello" BBC Radio

"Humour as a weapon against tragedy. Dreadfully funny" Politiken, Copenhagen, Denmark

"Quite simply, superb" Huvudstadsbladet, Helsinki, Finland

"One of the best shows of recent years" S.SvD, Sweden

"Forget the Olympics. Run to see Kesselofski & Fiske" Kultuunleht Estonia

"A wonderful performance" PD, Porsgrunn, Norway


Paul Kessel and John Fiske first met in 1974 on a football pitch in Liverpool (7.84 Touring Company v the Everyman Theatre 1-3) and took an immediate dislike to each other...

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Kesselofski & Fiske look after a very select number of international groups in Scandinavia.
Scandinavian Agency for: 
The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (GB)
Companhia do Chapito (Portugal)
Familie Flöz (DE)

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"Scoring A Bullseye!", "As usual the set is a masterpiece if just a bit on the minimal side, although with their massive acting talents, scenery would just be a distraction." "Funny? I almost split my crotch!"

"Very, very funny"
The Guardian, England

"Humour as a weapon against tragedy. Dreadfully funny"
Politiken, Copenhagen, Denmark

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