What is (or perhaps are) Kesseloski & Fiske´s Good Bits?

If it were a record it would be described as a compilation album and would be called something like "The Best of..." "or "Greatest hits"
If it were an exhibition it would be called retrospective.
If it were a packet of sauges it ought to be thrown away immediately.

Kesselofski & Fiske´s Good Bits is a selection of some of their most popular songs and sketches. Combining elements of music hall, stand-up comedy and vaudeville, the show will be enjoyed by anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of English. (Difficult words like "rudimentary" are sällsynta in Good Bits. So are Swedish words like "sällsynta" thought the occasional sketch in Swedish might sneak in.

Serving both as an excelent introduction to anyone who has not seen Kesselofski & Fiske before, and as a treat for "real fans" (they are both looking forward to it very much), Kesselofski & Fiske´s Good Bits is a fast, funny and musical show and very much better than Kesselofski & Fiske´s Not so Good Bits, which costs a lot more and isn´t nearly as funny.

"Det närmaste Hasseåtage vi har idag - fast på engelska"
Sven Malm, Svenska Dagbladet


Paul Kessel and John Fiske first met in 1974 on a football pitch in Liverpool (7.84 Touring Company v the Everyman Theatre 1-3) and took an immediate dislike to each other...

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Kesselofski & Fiske look after a very select number of international groups in Scandinavia.
Scandinavian Agency for: 
The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (GB)
Companhia do Chapito (Portugal)
Familie Flöz (DE)

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"Scoring A Bullseye!", "As usual the set is a masterpiece if just a bit on the minimal side, although with their massive acting talents, scenery would just be a distraction." "Funny? I almost split my crotch!"

"Very, very funny"
The Guardian, England

"Humour as a weapon against tragedy. Dreadfully funny"
Politiken, Copenhagen, Denmark

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